Volume X, No. 3, Spring 1983


As I write this third editorial of the year, I can't help but think that there will be only one left of my editorship, and in fact, in the life of the Bittersweet magazine.

As sad as it is, Bittersweet will complete its tenth and final year at the end of this school year. The decision voted on at the December 16 Bittersweet, Inc. Board meeting was unanimous.

There were several different reasons why we voted to cease our publication. One reason is that we have accomplished what we had set out to do. We've published many stories on the Ozarks, the lore, the crafts, the people and the land itself. We are finding that we are repeating some of the information. And many of the new contacts are farther in distance, thus costing us more in time and mileage costs.

Also, our financial situation would not allow us to continue as we have been for the past ten years. If we continued next year, we would have to cut back either on the quality, by cutting out the color photos, for example, or the number of issues published a year. I, personally, would rather that Bittersweet stop as a full quality magazine that we're known for than have it to deteriorate because of lack of funds.

Mrs. Massey's workload was another factor for stopping. She has given all

effort possible for the last ten years. And this was without a vacation, even during the summer when the rest of the school was out of session. The summer staff took up six to eight weeks, with her putting in about ten to twelve hours a day. When this was not going on, she had to come to school at least twice a week to take care of the mail and any other business that had to be done.

I feel that she has accomplished something that most people would not even begin to try to work at.

I, along with the rest of the staff, am sad to see that Bittersweet will be stopping. I asked a few staff members that would have taken the course next year what they plan to do for the new classes. It seems that most will be taking another English or writing class. Junior Melanie Stubblefield, second year staff, and Beth Burwell, first year staff member, both stated they would like to be on the school newspaper or yearbook staff. First year staff member Tammie Griffin, a junior, said that she will probably take a writing course.

I have learned a lot of different things, little things too numerous to mention, from being in the class for three years. Going to talks and booths have made it easier to express myself better and more clearly. Talking to a group about Bittersweet has given me a little more confidence to tackle the ever-dreaded class reports in school.

It even applies to the actual writing of stories. I have learned how to give my stories the little 'umph' to make them more enjoyable to read. t feel strongly that being able to express oneself is important in everyday life.

With our contacts being older adults, the class has made it easier to relate to them. I have found that older people really do understand the younger generation, regardless of the saying.

The class offers many experiences that we can't get in any normal classroom. There are a few classes that we can use a 35 mm camera and a darkroom, and Bittersweet is one of them. It is not everyday that students get to actually run a real business, keeping records and paying actual bills. About the only similar class is accounting.


We learn many skills from being a part of the magazine that will help in the job world. We could go ahead with school and get a degree in journalism or photography. Students interested in layouts could get a job at a newspaper doing layouts. Or with previous experience recording spots, one could go into broadcasting on the radio or television. Being on the staff of Bittersweet offers a lot more real life experiences than most books.

I am glad that I have had an opportunity to be involved with a nationally known magazine. I wish that every high school student could get the same experiences that I have had.



We thank the following for their donations to Bittersweet.
Lebanon Welcome Service, Norma Woosley,
Hostess, Lebanon, Missouri
Lois Holland, St. Louis County, Missouri
George Veatch, Thawville, Illinois
Esther Krause, Morro Bay, California
Mrs. R.W. Peterson, St. Louis, Missouri
Lucille Saladin, New Melle, Missouri
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Earp, Lebanon, MO
Sharon Jordan, St. Louis, Missouri
Zona B. Smith, Lawrence, Kansas
Loma Paulson, Lee's Summit, Missouri

BITTERSWEET STAFF: First row, left to right--Allen Gage, photography editor, Sheila Jones, publicity editor; Lisa Goss, story editor; Lisa Mestan, Business chairman; Melanie Stubblefield, art chairman, second year junior. Second row--Ellen Massey, ten year advisor; LeAnne Ruble, first year sophomore; Suzanne Cotrel, first year sophomore; Kirsten Ksara, second year junior; Dena Myers, second year junior; Anne Hall, first year sophomore; Joyce Sommer, typist. Third row--Beth Burwell, first year sophomore; Vickie Hooper, second year junior; Tammie Griffin, first year junior; Tom Knapp, first year sophomore. Fourth row--Jeff Zander, first year sophomore; John Williams, first year junior; Delilah Shotts, third year assistant advisor. Photo by Allen Gage.


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