Volume X, No. 3, Spring 1983


The majority of the leadership on the Bittersweet staff is handled by the seniors. Their maturity and experience of working on the staff for two or three years make it natural for them to help the new members. This year since we have only four seniors, they are each handling a double load of editorship as well as researching, writing and illustrating their own stories. This time we'd like to introduce two of the seniors, Lisa Goss and Sheila Jones.

Both girls have been on the staff three years, taking Bittersweet two hours each day. They are both editors and have been active on every committee, doing art work, photography, layouts, publicity and business and circulation. They can answer almost any question about our business operations as well as having written a variety of stories.

Lisa is story editor this year. She likes to write but has discovered that her responsibilities as story editor do not give her as much time for her own stories as she'd like. She has written stories on dried flower arrangements (Summer 1981), how to make buggies (Summer 1982) and, in this issue, raising babies in the early 1900s. Always willing to help others on their interviews, she has chalked up a total of twenty-five. She enjoyed all of them, but some really stand out, such as visiting Art and Mary Lou Corn and seeing their house full of beautiful things they built. She was early initiatied into Bittersweet in her sophomore year by getting up before four o'clock to photograph barns at dawn. Meeting all these people has been a good experience. "I'm able to express myself better than before," she said. "If you don't express yourself, you get pushed aside. Bittersweet has given me confidence. Adults usually don't listen to me, but when I talk about Bittersweet on talks and even casually, they stop and listen." Working on the business committee encouraged her to take accounting. After working for a year she hopes to go to college to study business administration or writing.

Sheila has enjoyed her work on all committees, but especially enjoys layouts, business and publicity. She is publicity editor this year, overseeing the staff members that write news articles, radio and television spots, and come up with any other ideas they can to publicize and promote sales and subscriptions of our magazine. She said, "I'm proud to be on Bittersweet staff for three years and glad of the opportunity. It's a feeling of accomplishment and worth to be on the staff of a national magazine." She has also been on many interviews. She was impressed with Estella Muench, the subject of her first story (Winter 1981). "She is a lovely person, and I thought it was remarkable all she could remember." She collaborated on the recipe column, wrote the family dinner story with Lois Roper Beard (Winter 1982) and is currently compiling all our food stories into a cookbook. Besides her work on Bittersweet and her other school load, she works the night shift at H.D. Lee clothing factory. She would like to go to beauty college this summer.

Story editor Lisa Goss gives advice to a fellow staffer. (Photo courtesy of Mike Wyke)

Sheila Jones, publicity editor, sets up a display in the display case at school.
(Photo by Lisa Mestan)

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