Volume II, No. 4, Summer 1975


Compiled by Jimmy Harrelston

Have you ever seen ants busily working and stop to wonder why they're working so fast? Or did you ever wonder if the shape of a spider's web meant anything special? Many people do believe that animal and insect actions have a certain meaning.

It is an omen of good luck if a bee flies into the room.

Bad weather is on the way when ants are very busy.

To find your initials in a spider web near the front door of a new home, is a sign that you will be lucky as long as you live.

If you kill a spider in the morning, you will kill the spirit of one who has entered its body while sleeping.

There are many different kinds of beliefs and sayings dealing with just about everything from love to sneezing.

A finder of a four-leaf clover will be married within a year.

Don't give the man you are engaged to a pair of slippers. You will never marry him.

A girl who refuses to be kissed under the mistletoe will die an old maid.

If the second toe of a woman is larger than the big toe, she will henpeck her husband.

If your apron strings come untied, your absent lover is thinking of you.

A nose bleed is a sign you are in love.

Itching hands mean you will receive some money.

An itching thumb means company is coming.

Somebody is talking about you if your ears burn.

To have cold hands is a sign that you have a warm heart.

Washing your face in water in which eggs have been boiled will bring warts.

Don't cut hair in the dark of the moon or it will cause baldness.

If you cut your hair while the moon is growing, your hair will grow faster.

An iron ring around the wrist will give strength.

Sneezing on Sunday means the devil will have you all week.

If you drink three times in three minutes from any Ozark spring, you will come back for another drink before you die.

Many Ozark natives believe that whatever a person does on January first is an indication of what he will be doing all of the year.

You will have money all year if you receive money on New Year's Day.

A spluttering candle announces a stranger is coming.

A mountain woman who sews after sunset, or who pours water on a window sill, will be poverty stricken all her life.

If you see a star before dark, spit over your left shoulder and your wish will come true.

It is said that misfortunes always come in threes. This is especially true of household mishaps.

A pimple on the tongue is the result of telling a lie.


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