Volume II, No. 4, Summer 1975

Introducing Our Staff


Once again we face the reality of having to work without the leadership and experience of the seniors on our staff. Though we will replace their positions and seats with younger students, we can never replace them as individuals.

We cannot replace Rick Bishop's quiet, confident manner, nor his independent working habits. Someone else can take charge of our radio and TV spots, but it will be hard to duplicate his 'deep voice and confident public appearance.

His most ambitious undertaking for Bittersweet was "Blacksmithing," which he handled single-handedly, returning to Fred Manes' shop many times to understand the blacksmith trade. He plans to attend college and major in radio and TV broadcasting.

We can send other boys to the darkroom, but we will not be able to duplicate the enthusiasm and care with which Jay Hillig prints our photographs. He comes out with prints of the best quality possible, already cropped for artistic effect. He has been in charge of the printing of almost all the photographs in the past two issues. He wants to attend college and major in music, a field for which he is well prepared as he is drum major and president of the band, active in jazz band and skilled on nine instruments. He says what he's enjoyed most about Bittersweet are the people he's met while researching material for his articles on steam engines, home butchering and the geological aspect of caves.

Jay and Rick have been with us from our beginning over two years ago, but Melissa O'Kelley joined the staff just this year. Even in such a short time, we know she can't be replaced. Tall and graceful, she always enters the room smiling. Willing to try any task, she is frequently heard to say almost under her breath, "Oh dears" when she is dissatisfied with herself. Her first major article on natural dyeing (page 30) is in this issue, but she has worked on several others, especially with her drawings. Melissa plans to attend Southwest Missouri State University and study conservation.

It will be impossible to replace these three individuals who quietly lend their personalities and talents to our class and magazine.

Rick taking a nature shot

by Larry Doyle
Jay just out of a cave

by Jay Luthy
Melissa spinning

Staff Photo


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