Volume III, No. 4, Summer 1976


The land is a garment, created by God's needle.
When He made it He had no previous experience---
He only knew what He wanted it to be.
Carefully He chose the fabric for His creation,
Pastures of velvet,
Fields of corduroy,
Forests of fleece.
He arranged His materials into their designs,
Plains of gingham,
Hillsides of plaid,
Valleys of paisley.
He fastened the pieces together with what He had,
Seams of trees,
Buttons of bushes,
Zippers of streams.
When He was finished He had a beautiful garment,
Ready to wear.
All that was missing was someone who could use it,
Who would appreciate its details of construction.
And God created man.
                                       --Margaret Klug


Copyright © 1981 BITTERSWEET, INC.

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