Volume III, No. 4, Summer 1976

Introducing Our Staff

Though it hardly seems possible, this is the end of our third year of publishing Bittersweet. It was three years ago this past spring that the original staff began work on our first issue featuring the one-room country schools. In the three years since then, our staff has changed some each year with only three of the original staff still with us. Jim Baldwin, Jenny Kelso and Terry Brandt were all introduced last year. It is always difficult to write this page in the last issue of the year, for we introduce staff members who will not return next year. Seniors Jimmy Harrelston and Emery Savage will graduate and junior Teresa Reed is moving to Minnesota.

Jimmy found his great interest in photography by being on the Bittersweet staff. The first time he ever held a camera was soon after joining the staff last year while on an interview with George and Opal Lewis on making knives and monkey dolls. His success there so interested him that as soon as he earned the money he bought a good camera and is now gradually adding accessories and equipment as he can. His photo essay on Lebanon's Old Adams Building (Spring, 1976) shows how far he has progressed in photo journalism. Like all staff members, Jimmy has written several stories. He has been in charge of collecting and editing the specials on superstitions, he interviewed the blacksmith, Fred Manes, and edited his personality story, and is presently working on a feature on early photography.

Though Emery joined the staff just this year, his quiet assurance and artistic ability have guided our decisions many times. He works carefully and slowly on drawings we need to illustrate features where there are no photographs. His work is easily recognizable for his people and animals are alive with character and humor. His artistic sense led him to be interested in the photography work in Bittersweet. Even his first photos ("Molasses Re-visited" and "Jump Right In," Spring, 1976) show his sense of composition and framing. An avid outdoors man, he is working on stories on coon hunting and rivers. Emery plans to attend Southwest Missouri State University and major in art.

For two years we have depended on Teresa's business ability to keep our books and files straight. In addition to being business manager, she has written stories on midwives, caves, moonshining and rural high schools. Never meeting a stranger, she is always eager to speak about Bittersweet when we're asked. Willing to try anything, she let herself be lowered with ropes into a sinkhole.

She told the teachers at Urbana, Illinois, at a workshop to which she flew for the first time, "Through Bittersweet I've experienced the heights and depths. I flew high in the air and I fell into the depths of the earth when I slipped in the sinkhole and dangled in the harness over a black pit." She plans to attend college and go into journalism or law.

Emery Savage paddles a kayak on a recent float trip.

Jimmy Harrelston coaxes his canoe out of the underbrush.

Teresa Reed tapes an interview for a story.


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