Volume IV, No. 4, Summer 1977

Introducing Our Staff

We usually wait until the staff members are graduating seniors to intorduce them on this page, but since we have so many outstanding juniors this year, we are beginning with three of our junior editors who have already published quite a bit and whose writings and photography you will still be enjoying next volume.

Diana Foreman has written for the last five issues on long feature stories such as rag rug weaving, quilting and, in this issue, the Shepherd of the Hills feature, as well as her regular column this volume on "Country Menus." She is this year's business manager, magazine sales editor and has given talks about Bittersweet to several groups the past two years. Never at a loss for words either oral or written, outgoing and vivacious, she was the majority choice for story editor for next year.

Doug Sharp loves to take pictures. He is always available and willing to go on interviews as phtotgrapher. His speciality seems to be personality shots, but his river scenes and the fabulous front cover of the spring issue show his interest in nature. Living on a big farm on the Osage Fork of the Gasconade River is an ideal place for him. He loves the out-of-doors as is evidenced by his features on coyote hunting, river floating and those he is planning yet to do on turkeys, trapping and gigging. Doug is also the publicity editor working with his own ideas to promote the sales and circulation of Bittersweet.

Daniel Hough's versatility is shown by the variety of articles he's written. Beginning with sorghum molasses making, branching off into courtship customs and this year writing three of the four series on the Ozark rivers illustrate his range. Becoming interested in photography late last year, he has produced many consistently high quality prints especially on the river. Being organized, neat and careful, listing and outlining all phases of his work, he was a natural choice for layout editor this year.

In addition to these three juniors we have ten others on the staff whom we could just as well have introduced this time for their contribution has been great. We will bring them to you next year. With such an experienced group of seniors on the staff, Bittersweet expects Volume V to be better than ever.

Above--Visiting with Ella Dunn, Diana Foreman (right) discovers poke is good to eat. Below--Doug Sharp (left) and Daniel Hough blend into a pre-dawn landscape to "shoot" a wild turkey.


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