Volume V, No. 4, Summer 1978


The seniors on the staff this year are some of the most experienced staff members we've had. Of the six seniors five have worked three years, including summers. Daniel Hough, Doug Sharp, Stephen Ludwig and Gala Morrow have been introduced in past issues. We'd like now for you to meet Teresa Maddux and Kathy Hawk.

Teresa's artistic talents have illustrated several articles both with her drawings and her photographs during her three years, earning her position as art editor. Perhaps her enthusiasm for design prompted the interest in her first article on homemade quilts and quilting, but after she helped piece a quilt, she decided it was easier to draw one! Though she doesn't say much in staff meetings and appears shy at first, we've learned she definitely has a will of her own and her own ideas about her work. She loves to be in the field interviewing former steamboat pilots, searching out unusual place names or tramping the woods to find more about the Indians' timber language. Her research now is on the Osage Indians who used to live in this area. Articles about the Indians will be published in future issues. She plans to begin this summer studying at Southwest Missouri State University toward a career in art and advertising.

Kathy Hawk, our business manager and treasurer of Bittersweet, Inc., has headed the committee this year which has kept our accounts straight, sent out invoices, paid bills, overseen the filing, magazine sales and other numerous jobs related to the business end of publishing a magazine. Friendly and usually smiling and full of enthusiasm, she's ready to help anyone on the staff. Though she'd prefer spending most of her time working with these concerns, she also writes for the publicity committee and has contributed over the past three years to articles in the magazine. She has collected home cures and worked on the series of articles about Missouri's very small high schools. She also led the group of students who worked on the feature on old stone jails. Currently she is working on a personality story. After helping her father this summer with the concessions at Bennett Spring State Park and being Lifeguard at the pool there, she plans to enter Southwest Missouri State University before entering nurse's training at St. John's Hospital.

"Would you type this for me, Kathy?" "Sure," Kathy Hawk answers pleasantly. Even this winter's snow did not stop Teresa Maddux (below). (both by Mary Schmalstig)


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