Volume VI, No. 4, Summer 1979

This Speech of Ours

Compiled by Tracy Waterman

At Bittersweet we don't chew our tobacco but once. Because of that every time I start a new dialect page I go back through the files to make sure that the phrases I want to use haven't already been in the magazine.

We love to get comments about the column. If the readers have heard the expressions that we share they tell us so. But if they haven't, we are sometimes answered with, "Well, that's a new wrinkle in my horn."

He lit a shuck for home. (went real fast)

Well, I'll be a suck-egged mule. (disbelief)

We've got him beat more ways than a farmer can ride a mule. (No matter what, we got him beat)

She's one of the old blue hen's chicks. (She's a character)

He's a real who up a haw tree. (really weird)

I can plow as deep as ever but I can't go as many rounds. (still spry but slowing down)

Patsy spoke out of turn and forgot to duck. (describes someone with a black eye)

He has no more idea about than a dog does Sunday. (knows nothing about it)

There're more ways to kill a dog than choking him on butter. (There's more than one solution)

When she goes to cleaning house, she goes at it like a biting sow. (really goes at it)

He's as tight as Dick's hat band. (stingy)

He's the kind of a guy that would call a spade a spade and dig with it. (say it like it is)

I'm cooking on the front burner. (Things are looking up)

You're as right as a rabbit.

Concerning that situation there's one thing certain and two things sure. (no doubt about it)
My knife is so dull you could ride to town on it.

You're a jimson weed Christian. (not a very good Christian)

If you pull that dog's tail again, boy you'll be whistling who-da-thunk-it. (be sorry)

He's bleeding like a stuck pig. (In butchering process pigs are stuck in the throat immediately after killing)

She slobbered a bib full. (spoke a lot of truth)

After he smarted off, she sure cleaned his plow. (put him in his place)

They're both so helpless they couldn't pull each other out of a fire.


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