Volume VI, No. 4, Summer 1979


If students stay on the Bittersweet staff until their senior year, or join us in their senior year, they get special recognition on this page. By this time we feel our readers have seen their names on by-lines or business correspondence enough to wonder what they're like. We have six seniors this year, three of whom were introduced in the spring issue. Now meet Joe Jeffery, Lance Collins and Leigh Ann Hicks.

Business manager and treasurer of Bittersweet, Inc., Joe could spend all his time keeping our books, sending out bills, delivering magazines to local merchants and keeping our files in order, but he, as a good leader should, sees that those on his committee learn how, too. In addition to that job, he manages to do some photography and, of course, write some stories. Currently he is enthusiastic about his research on the Model T's. He's written about the civil War at Montevallo and about hand dug wells. He plans to go to work in a Lebanon industry after graduation.

by Mary Schmalistig

Let's admit it. Lance's great interest in Bittersweet is in photography. Last year we couldn't keep him out of the darkroom. He finally got his own camera and has become semi-professional, taking free-lance photos for the local paper. He enjoys publicity work, too, speaking over the radio each time we put out a new issue. That goes along with his other big interest, speech and dramatics. He plans to study photo-journalism at Southwest Missouri State University to make a career of photography. But, world, remember, he was Bittersweet's photography editor first.

by Doug Sharp

This is Leigh Ann's first year on the staff. We're all sorry she isn't a junior so she could be here next year. She is quite an organizer and gets things done, probably because of her background of leadership in Girl Scout work in which she is still active. This issue has her first story, "Tatting," as her great-grandmother showed her how. All staff members learn the craft they write about. We're not sure she'll have time, but she knows how to make lace to go on her gown and veil for her wedding this June. She will move to California, Missouri, where she will work in the MFA.

by Mary Schmalstig


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