Volume VII, No. 4, Summer 1980



Though it happens every year, the frequency still does not make it any easier to lose the senior staff members just when they have the experience and maturity to work independently. But, of course, that's what education is all about, so we at Bittersweet wish the seniors the best possible, and look to the eager younger boys and girls who also want to learn.

Though Linda Lee has been officially on the staff for only two years, she's been associated with us since the fifth grade when her parents taught us how to shear sheep and then card and spin their wool. Linda's expert spinning is always an attraction at our booths. She has collected some unusual place names for a few columns, and has worked on the feature on current-powered ferries. This issue page 14 has her most recent story, "We Just Kid Around Around Here," which deals with their dairy goats. Several of our photographers fell in love with the goats on numerous visits to her farm. Linda plans to attend the University of Missouri-Rolla to study civil engineering.

Kyle Burke is a perfectionist. He works on a job over and over to get it to suit him. He joined the staff last summer and in addition to his work in publicity and layout design, he has been researching, writing, re-writing and polishing a story on the old-fashioned party line telephones which will be published in the fall issue. Kyle is interested in theater, being vice-president of the Lebanon Community Theater, Ltd. He plans to attend school to study theater, music and literature.

Mark Engsberg is our globe-trotter. He joined the staff a bit late this year because he was in Australia with his American Field Services family. Like Kyle, he has worked mostly in layout design and publicity, appearing in some public service spots on KY-3 TV in Springfield to promote our magazines and book. He is currently collaborating with Mary Day on a rather lengthy feature on log and general purpose barns. This story will also be published in the fall issue. Mark plans to attend college as a pre-med student.

Kyle Burke (by Lea Ann Anderson)

Linda Lee (by Mary Schmalstig)

Mark Engsberg (by Mary Schmalstig)


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