Volume VIII, No. 4, Summer 1981


I am so delighted with both your magazine and your service! I ordered your magazine by mail just last Wednesday and received two of the magazines already on Saturday! That is super service.
In looking over your order form, I find I can't resist getting all the back issues available as I have students who are looking for information on topics covered in your magazines. Water witching and storytelling are of special interest right now.
Again, I truly enjoy your magazine. Keep up the outstanding work!

Sharon Jordan
Webster Groves, Missouri

Thanks to the last page of the winter issue of Bittersweet in "Introducing the Staff," I know what you look like and it is a pleasure to me to know there is not a Robert Robot Computer thing handling subscriptions and story ideas.
Let me commend you, the staff, your instructors and your school for putting out such a fine magazine. Each one is like a perfect jewel.

Vivian M. Fletcher
Aurora, Missouri

I'm sorry I've been so long in writing to thank you and tell you how much I appreciated the article, "Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?" you wrote in your last magazine. I think it could not have been any better in any way, and too, the little poem, "April Showers." I do so much appreciate the setting of nature you put around it. The word, thanks, cannot express my appreciation enough.
I grew up in the Ozarks in the times that your magazine is writing about, and I think that is the reason I enjoy it so much. Being born in 1904 and living almost all my life in this part of the country makes me appreciate the fact that you are trying to preserve a bit of this wonderful past for future generations.

Elsie Palmer
Forsyth, Missouri

My Bittersweet magazine came this morning and I meant to change my bed, wash a load and hang them outside, but I do declare, your book gets so interesting with interviews from old-timers, (which remind me so much of my childhood home in Martin County, Indiana} and the button pictures...oh, everything! I couldn't let it alone till I at least had glanced through it to see what it held.

Eliza J. Kinman
Vincennes, Indiana

I am a semi-retired attorney, licensed in the states of Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas, and in the Supreme Court of the United States. I still do some practice in the fields of Wills and Probate, Real Property, Family Law, and other civil areas of the law.
The next time a couple come to me and want to talk about a divorce based upon incompatibility, I intend to hand them the spring 1981 Bittersweet, issue 31. I shall tell them I want them both to read the feature article beginning at page 14, through to page 23, "We Just Made a Team." If they can prove to me that they have read it when I question them in detail, and if they then still want a divorce, I shall get it for them and charge them absolutely no fee.

Clyde Miller Smith
Dallas, Texas


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