Volume IX, No. 4, Summer 1982


I can't find the words to express how much I enjoy your publication. It is a work of art and literary genius! My mother, Mrs. Cypert, in Still-water, Oklahoma has subscribed because she enjoys it so much and she lived and worked much like the people you interview. My dad is a Chastain descendent and they especially enjoyed that story.
I want to thank Maxine Lamkins of Lebanon for introducing me to your beautiful magazine.

Colleen J. Zetmeir
Kansas City, Missouri

I want to tell you that I have enjoyed having the four editions of Bittersweet this past year. I think it is a lovely little magazine. I have looked them over and done some reading, but due to my aging eyesight I don't do too much reading and the glazed paper makes it a little hard to read. As I will be ninety-five years old in a few months, I well remember many of the events in articles you have discovered, such as the quilting bees, the rail fences, the hound dogs and the country fiddlers. Also the old folk songs, one of which my mother taught me to sing when I was a little girl so long ago.It went like this:

"Fly down, fly down, you
pretty pall parrot,
And rest on my right knee.
Your cage will be decked
with heads of gold,
And hung in a green willow
Your cage will be decked
with beads of gold,
And hung in a green willow
I shan't fly down, I shan't
f]y down
Nor rest on your right knee.
You just have murdered you
live Henry,
And soon you would murder me.
You just have murdered your
live Henry,
And soon you would murder me.

I have never heard anyone else sing this song. Have you?

Mrs. J.W. Baker
St. Joseph, Missouri

I received the Bittersweets this week and I thank you all for the good job. Not only was I well pleased with the fiddling section but also the prairie articles and the rest of it. The photos were all nice and well-fitted to the articles.
I appreciate all of your work. I think you are a dedicated group.

Art Galbraith
Springfield, Missouri

A quick note to say how much I enjoyed the most recent issue of Bittersweet--I think it's perhaps your best ever. I especially enjoyed the article on Prairie Land which I think inspired. It's a wonderful combination of fact and history and think it's exactly right for your magazine and for the area.

Bill Strachan,
Viking Press
New York, New York

I sure enjoy your magazine. My wife died last year and she sure enjoyed your magazine very much. She was reading a copy the week before she died. I look forward to getting a copy. Many thanks.

Les Kisrch
Red Bud, Illinois

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