Volume IX, No. 4, Summer 1982

Introducing the Staff

Gail Hodges and Cherie Burns complete the list of the ten seniors who graduated this year. Obviously, we will miss these experienced staff members since they comprise half our staff.

Second year staff member, Gall, as publicity editor has been very active in promoting Bittersweet. People in our television viewing area may have seen and heard her on public service announcements over KY-3. She has had experience in photography, business and circulation as well as in writing her stories. "Bittersweet has combined a lot of classes for me, teaching me many things I can apply to everyday life," she said. She wrote a feature on huck weaving and is currently working on a story of a house built of native and re-cycled materials. Gail has been active in student council and band at school and in the community has worked for years in 4-H work, being a state leader the past few years. Last summer she went to Italy for six weeks on the International 4-H Youth Exchange program, staying with two different families. "It was a cultural shock to me," she said. "It made me appreciate so many things we have here." She plans to attend the University of Missouri at Columbia to study child psychology.

Though Cherie has been on the staff just one year, she has accomplished a great deal. Her first story is the feature on Doug Mahnkey's storytelling in this issue, page 4. She has learned to take pictures and has done quite a bit of publicity work. "I wish I could have joined the staff earlier," she said. "People work together in this class and we get close. I've enjoyed it a lot. Some things aren't as fun as others, but that goes along with it." Outside of school she loves riding her horses and she enjoys reading. She hopes to have a career in business and may attend a business college.

"I feel that working with the media was the highlight of my time on BITTERSWEET," said Gail Hodges (above). Photo by Deidra Morgan. Cherie Burns (below) said, "One of the best times I had was pulling taffy." Photo by Allen Gage.


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