Volume X, No. 4, Summer 1983


I want to tell you we have enjoyed Bittersweet so much and we are truly sorry to see it end. We are not natives to this area but were transferred here twenty-five years ago and we have fallen in love with the place and the culture. The people about whom you have written are a real part of that culture.
Not only have we enjoyed the publication but have sent it to several others as gifts and they have enjoyed it. The book was a great Christmas present and we sent five one year.
We wish you all good luck and thank you for doing what you set out to do.

Mrs. Robert Kerr
Springfield, Missouri

I was extremely saddened to learn Bittersweet was to cease publication. It was and is my favorite magazine. You have done a tremendous job throughout the years. As a former teacher and school newspaper sponsor, I can appreciate the long hours of hard work by you and your students.

Mrs. Johnie Graham
Springdale, Arkansas

We will surely miss the wonderful work you and the school children have accomplished. We know they will be able to go on to better things in life, our loss but to their gain.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Montee
Athena, Oregon

Sorry to see this end, but I have saved the issues for my grandchildren. Thank you for the enjoyment you have provided.

Jackie Dane
Farmington, Missouri

I am so sorry and will miss Bittersweet very much. It has been a delight. I should look at it this way. Think how fortunate I am to have ten years of Ozark history I never would have had without Bittersweet.I am grateful.

Lois Folkert
Bay City, Michigan

It saddens me to learn that there will be no more Bittersweet. You have kept alive for me some of the warmest memories of my childhood and young adulthood in southern Missouri. Thank you for that.

Kay Glandbard
River Edge, New Jersey

Sorry to see the ending of an excellent magazine. It has given countless hours of pleasure to many, especially those like me with heritage in the Ozarks.

Harvey Smith
Chesterfield, Missouri

It was indeed a shock to open the letter yesterday and to learn that there will be no more Bittersweet. I have enjoyed them for years, but I understand the situation. You and your students have every right to be proud of the project. You must have enjoyed working with the kind of students you advised. Their work is head and shoulders and more above any high school work I have observed, and most of it consists of a page in the weekly newspaper.

Leontine Giraud
Fulton, South Dakota

Many thanks to you and your students for the past ten years. Your publication has made us more proud of our Ozark heritage and brought back many pleasant memories of a vanishing way of life.

Christina Worley
Strafford, Missouri

What a sad day when we received your letter! You, Mrs. Massey, have done such a marvelous work with the young people, teaching much more than journalism, but teaching them to care, love, and seek out the truth, and to have pride in themselves and their heritage!

Barbara Boone
Mt. Vernon, Missouri

Perhaps you remember me as the one who ordered a copy of all your back issues. I received them last fall--did not get to read all of them before the flood came. We live on the White River and had six feet of water in my home. At this moment I cannot find those issues. They may still be in that mess or may have been thrown out.

Emagene Green
Mountain View, Arkansas

I am very sad to hear that Bittersweet will cease publication this summer. The Missouri Arts Council has been very pleased to support this publication through the years.  Everyone at the Missouri Arts Council
office has enjoyed the issues you have sent us. We all find your professional publication very informative about a unique part of Missouri life.
Again, I regret your decision to stop publication, but understand your reasons. Thank you for your efforts for the arts in Missouri.

Rick Simoncelli
Missouri Arts Council
St. Louis, Missouri


We thank the following for their donations to Bittersweet.

Roma Reeves Tampa, Florida
Sibyl Wallace, San Antonio, Texas
D. B. Mabry, St. Louis, Missouri
Susie White, Moberly, Missouri
Jessie King, Lebanon, Missouri
Jean Dugger, Belton, Missouri
Chloe Lowry, Princeton, Missouri
Lois Capps, New Orleans, Louisiana
E. J. Waltenspiel, Moraga, California
Clarice Allan, Fancy Farm, Kentuckv
Wilford and Irene Haymes, Conway, Missouri
A. O. Zimmerman, Overland, Missouri
Gaylon Bennett, St. Charles, Missouri
Allison Katzman, Chicago, Illinois
Rose Marie Heil, Rosedale, New York
Agnes Strayer, Raytown, Missouri Lebanon

Welcome Service, Norma Woosley, Hostess, Lebanon, Missouri and Fred Raby, Eldon, Missouri

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