Volume I, No. 2, Winter 1973


[Web Editor's Note: The issue contained a thin vinyl sheet that had a 33 1/3 RPM record pressed onto it on both sides]

For your greater understanding and enjoyment of the songs from the Ozarks, BITTERSWEET in presenting some Ozark musicians. When trying to describe the music, we realized how inadequate words were. Since we had taped all interviews and performances, we felt that these also should be shared with our readers. From several hours of taped music, we have selected some characteristic selections, and ones we especially like of the mountain dulcimer and Ozarks bluegrass music to supplement our articles on them. (See page 36 and 42 for Modernizing a Mountain Art and Playing the Mountain Dulcimer, and page 20 for In the Key of B for Bluegrass.)


A Visit with Bill Graves and his

Mountain Dulcimer

(He usually calls it his Walking Cane)

Played with a turkey quill pick on the instrument made by his grandfather, John Mowhee.

Jesse James - vocal, strumming, "whipping"

Old instrumental tune of his mother's - strumming
I Saw the Light - vocal, thumbing, "thumping"

Turkey in the Straw - vocal, strumming

Old Grape Vine - thumbing


Contemporary Bluegrass

The Calton Family

Bluegrass Music on Sunday Morning, featuring Brenda Calton, vocal

Orange Blossom Special, featuring Charles Calton on fiddle

Georgia Pineywoods, featuring Randi Calton, vocal

The Battlefield Bluegrass Express

Bluegrass Gospel, featuring Charles Lee, vocal


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