Volume II, No. 2, Winter 1974

Introducing Our Staff


Our readers who have been with us from the beginning will probably recognize the names of Stephen Hough, Gina Hilton (center below) and Terry Brandt. These three editors have been leading contributors of features and photography in this and the five preceding issues as well as leaders behind the scene running the business of the magazine.

Steve's by-line has appeared in each issue, whether on his articles on the detailed step-by-step directions for making a johnboat and butchering a hog or on his many photographs. Photography is his main interest. First learning about it from last year's editor, he has now become our 'expert,' teaching the magic of the darkroom and the mysterious workings of our cameras to anyone who wants to learn, like Gina and Terry above. He is always willing to go anyplace, especially if it means leaving school. He volunteers for any technical job, including doing the recording for our last sound sheet. Lately he's found a new interest--public speaking. Though he claims he never spoke before, he has recently twice given talks about Bittersweet speaking well and long.

Gina, story editor, is a good example of how leaders are made. Given the task of coordinating our activities, making decisions and helping initiate the new members to their jobs, she has changed from a quiet, though industrious member last year to a forceful leader. Always cheerful and ready to go, she has developed what the job demands. Last year on her first story she wasn't so sure about what she was getting into when she had to pluck a duck. But she managed that and has since learned and and written about other crafts. But it seems her speciality has been personalities like Daisy Cook, Dorothy and Charlie Mc and Doctor Ruth. She found herself a bit busy this issue working on three stories in addition to helping everyone else in planning, writing and suggestions, and then managing the whole crew when Mrs. Massey was gone with others on assignments.

On the last Saturday of final deadliness when several of the staff come in to finish up layouts, we can always depend on Terry being there prepared to stay as long as needed to help everyone finish. Always on time with her work, she can also be proud that probably no one else on the present staff has worked on more major features or layouts. But she's had an incentive. She's tried to keep pace with Jay Luthy. Now he's gone to college, she has lots of extra time for Bittersweet. She plans ahead and schedules her time, keeping lists of jobs to do and when to do them, then does them. Her organizational ability makes it possible for her to do her own stories as well as head the important job of promotion. Terry knows Bittersweet will not succeed unless people are familiar with it. She has led her committee in speaking to interested groups, writing newspaper and radio publicity, arranging displays and booths wherever she thinks someone might learn about Bittersweet. Witty and vivacious, she come up with more ideas than she has freckles on her face.


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