Volume VI, No. 2, Winter 1978

Bittersweet Country

Who is that man on the front cover whose face is glowing in the warmth of a blacksmithing forge? Fred Manes, of course. But he's not the only one who is glowing. We are too. Our book, Bittersweet Country, is out. The long-awaited and fervently hoped for event has happened. After two years of editing, proofreading and extending deadlines, Bittersweet Country was published in November by Doubleday.

Although I certainly have a biased opinion Bittersweet Country is great. Our first book about lore, crafts and people in the Ozarks is a collection of stories that have first appeared in our magazines. Personalities, how-tos, recipes, advice, old-time cures, dialect--in general, terrific reading.

How about a goose for Christmas dinner? Bittersweet Country tells you all about it from the poultry house to the dinner platter.

Would you like to build your own johnboat? The kids on the Bittersweet staff built one themselves and then wrote about it.

What about a mountain dulcimer? You can become acquainted with one and then learn to play it from our step-by-step directions.

Have you ever wondered what kind of a man would be a blacksmith for over sixty years? Fred Manes can tell you, for he is featured twice in Bittersweet Country.

Fred, to me, symbolizes the spirit of the people we write about in our magazine and in our book. Hardworking, resourceful and lovable. The picture to the left and on the front reflects, that, don't you agree?

Meet Fred and our other wonderful friends for yourself as we welcome you to Bittersweet Country.


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