Volume VII, No. 2, Winter 1979



One of the rewarding aspects about working on the Bittersweet staff is the friendship that develops from the cooperation and close working together over long periods of time that is necessary in researching, writing and illustrating the magazine and keeping ahead of the thousand other jobs both routine and exciting which are needed to run our class and business. Such a friendship has developed among Patsy Watts, Mary Schmalstig and Melinda Stewart, all third year staff members and editors for the second year, who didn't even like one another in the ninth grade. Always dependable, working long hours and volunteering for many jobs, the three girls have contributed stories, artwork and photographs so frequently during the past three years, we're sure our readers would like to know more about them.

Though it is hard to convince her of making even the smallest change in each story or drawing Patsy turns in, she always asks, "Tell me how I can make it better." Her own worst critic, she rewrites and re-draws until deadline time when she still is often dissatisfied. Her logo on the editorial page, showing desperation up to the last minute, isn't really true of her either as story editor or as art editor last year, for she is usually ahead of deadlines, though she continually improves her worK. Interested in English education, she plans to attend the School of the Ozarks.

Though she lives twenty miles from school, Mary is usually the first person to volunteer to go on interviews where she is in her element taking pictures. In fact, she had taken so many that we had a special stamp made of her name to help us in labeling and filing all her contacts and prints. Her next favorite place is the darkroom, where as photography editor this year, she is teaching about ten other students our darkroom techniques. Her plans after graduation are not definite at this time, but she wants to go into photography work, and she is interested in the Peace Corps.

For a year and a half Melinda almost single-handedly kept our circulation caught up. Work which doesn't show up in the pages of the magazine, like handling the daily mail, keeping the card files straight, doing the book work on subscriptions and sending out renewal notices, was all part of her responsibilities. But the confinement at the circulation desk didn't prevent her from writing many features, learning photography and contributing drawings. This year a younger staff member heads the circulation committee so that Melinda has time to be art editor and to write even more stories, gaining different kinds of experiences before she goes to college to study medicine.

Panning for gold, Mary Schmalstig and Melinda Stewart exam/ne to see if they have "struck it rich" on one of the many interviews they help with. (by Kyle Burke)

Full of questions and ideas, Patsy Watts welcomes any opportunity to express her ideas as she's doing at the National Cultural Journalism Workshop. (by Mary Schmalstig)


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