Volume VIII, No. 2, Winter 1980


Just a quick, and sad note to let you know that Frank Sartwell died last Friday of emphysema. He was always, from the day we met, a good friend of mine. And he was a good friend of Bittersweet, beginning with Volume I, Number 1, and remaining strong in his admiration of the magazine.
With all best wishes to you and Bittersweet.

Ralph Gray
Washington, D.C.

ED NOTE: Frank Sartwell was a member of the Advisory Board of BITTERSWEET, INC. Of course, the staff will miss his contributions.

Thank you for such a fresh and clean magazine. What a wonderful contribution to life you are making. My prayer is that soon all magazines and books can be as clean and inspiring as Bittersweet. Keep up the good work.

Donna Marlowe
South Greenfield, Missouri

We have just finished reading the spring 1980, issue 27, and some of the articles brought back memories of my own boyhood in Oregon.
Especially the article on the old "privvy," and the old "thunder mugs." In those days they never had such a thing as a can of air fresh-ener, so, to quiet down the odor from "the old Wizel-Pitcher," they would take a piece of old rag, set it on fire and wave it around in the air. That's how the old saying got started 'Burn a rag, Susie!'

William Raybould
Elkins, Arkansas

I was very pleased to hear that Bittersweet received the American Association for State and Local History award of merit. Your staff should be extremely proud about this award as the competition for it increases yearly, and the criteria for being selected is constantly upgraded.
Nominations for AASLH awards are submitted by me as state chairman to the regional chairman. Missouri is in the region that also includes Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas. Bittersweet was the only nomination from the seven-state region to be considered as worthy of the award of merit. Over one hundred nominations throughout the country were examined.
Again, my heartiest congratulations to the staff of Bittersweet. The award is well deserved.

Richard S. Brownlee
Director State Hist. Society of Mo.
Columbia, Missouri

We have enjoyed the magazine so much, partially because our grandchildren [James and Terri Heck] are working on it, and partly because my husband's father came from Missouri and spent his young manhood around Joplin and St. Joe. To him, many of your stories bring back memories.
The publication is outstanding and you are doing a very good and worthwhile job. Thanks for an entertaining publication and best wishes for its continuation.

Edith Payne
Greeley, Colorado


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