Volume VIII, No. 2, Winter 1980

Introducing the Staff

The three senior girls on the staff this year have a lot in common. They are all in their third year on the staff, they have collaborated on several stories, they have worked together on the photography, business and publicity committees and they are all editors.

Tracy Waterman and Kathy Long started together on their first story while still freshmen. They visited Warren Cook and eventually wrote three features about him, his walnut tree farm and old farming methods. Their latest joint effort was "Copper Kettle Magic," about making apple butter, in the spring 1980 issue. Carmen Broyles helped Kathy on the walnut tree story and followed it up with a story on harvesting black walnuts.

Tracy and Carmen have worked together on several stories, perhaps their favorite being "I'm Making Every Effort to Preserve," with Dr. Dorothy Leake, but one nearly always helps the other on whatever interview they are conducting.

The three girls have consistently worked together on many jobs such as taking photos, working in the darkroom, writing publicity, giving talks or handling the business of the corporation for they are all officers of Bittersweet, Inc. Tracy is business editor this year after working on the committee for two years. Carmen worked all last year with Kathy who was circulation editor, taking the editorship herself this year when the staff voted Kathy story editor.

Probably no one else on this staff has written as great a variety of stories as Kathy. It is a rare issue that hasn't one of her features in it. Her favorite story is probably the one on Laura Ingalls Wilder in the Winter 1979 issue. Besides spending many extra hours on Bittersweet, she is also active in several other school clubs and community activities. She plans to attend college and study journalism.

Tracy has also worked on a variety of stories, including collecting Ozark expressions for "This Speech of Ours." She's currently working on a feature about her home town, Eldridge. Other students always know they can count on her to help on interviews and to introduce them to her friends and relatives in the Eldridge community who tell us what we need to know about most any subject we're researching. She plans to attend Southwest Missouri State University to study business administration.

Carmen works steadily at the circulation desk, handling the letters, orders and renewals from our readers. She very efficiently handles the responsibilities of this job which has direct mail contact with the public. She's working now on a story about buttons--collecting them, their history and the people who are so enthusiastic about them. She really got initiated when she, Tracy and Gina went to their first interview and met eleven lovely ladies at once, all overflowing with information and enthusiasm for their hobby. Carmen plans to attend college and to continue in the business field.


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