Volume IX, No. 2, Winter 1981


I enjoy your publication for many reasons in addition to its quality and interest.
I am involved with Tom Keay, another Roosevelt High School (St. Louis Public Schools) teacher in the production of our urban Cobblestones, and can thus appreciate the work that goes into a publication.
How I wish we could produce half as many issues as you. I don't know how you do it!
Our class receives your magazine via the exchange program, and our students always reach out for it when it comes.
Further, we do use your magazine frequently as a model goal, especially in the photography. Our photo lab is truly our "Achilles Heel."

Clara Dixley
St. Louis, Missouri

I'm late getting my subscription in I know but please forgive me. I have been in the Strong Memorial Hospital for hip surgery.
I'll try to do better next time.
Your magazine is a joy to this old lady and her family.
Good wishes and prayers for your continuing success!

Ethel A. Shields
Rochester, New York

This magazine is the most enjoyable of all that I take and I do not want to miss an issue. If you do not receive a renewal some year, you will know I am no longer living.

Miss Leontine
Giraud Fulton, South Dakota

I just got my fall issue today. As usual, it is great. I can hardly believe it has been two years since I left Bittersweet and over five since I first began! I read the "meet the staff" page--I don't know them except as a reader--it's certainly a strange feeling. In the last sentence of Jill's introduction it mentions the fact that Bittersweet helped her decide her career choice. I began to mentally evaluate what Bittersweet did for me. Wow! Has it helped me. I feel closer to home, the Ozarks, from working with its culture, people, and crafts via Bittersweet! I also learned to work with others--impossible to put an issue of Bittersweet together without major amounts of cooperation! Doing many things involved with magazine production helped me to understand what must go on to complete such a project. I guess I've finally graduated from Bittersweet since I no longer know most of the writers, but I don't think I'll ever quit loving it. Mrs. Massey, thank you. Staff, you'd better keep it great!

Vickie Massey
Kansas City, Missouri

Now you did it! You made me so homesick to see the land of my birth I'm coming to Missouri this summer for a visit.
Keep up the good work. I love your magazines.

Mrs. Hazel L. Ray
Long Beach, California


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