Volume IX, No. 2, Winter 1981

Introducing the Staff

This is the third year on Bittersweet staff for the two seniors we'd like our readers to meet this time. Both Gina Jennings and Carl Davis have worked together several times as all staff members do, for they rarely do any assignment or job completely alone. Carl has taught Gina to operate our electronic typewriter; Gina has taught Carl darkroom techniques. They are currently working together on the circulation committee. Gina is circulation editor this semester; Carl will be editor next semester. Though you may not recognize their names as you might the staff members who get by-lines on stories, photos and art, their work touches each of you. They keep the subscription lists accurate, send out renewals, oversee the four general mailings and handle all problems associated with our over 3,000 mail subscribers. They and the two others on their committee assure you of getting your magazine four times a year.

Last year Gina was photography editor. In order for the students to get the optimum experience, we usually have those juniors who become editors to head a different committee in their senior year. Gina is very proud of her first cover photo of Norman Wright (Summer 1981) and has taken photos for several stories. She loves photography and has learned a great deal. "I especially enjoy working in the darkroom," she said. Obviously, being on the staff for so long, Gina has worked on several stories. Her favorite was making rugs with a needle made from a toothbrush (Spring 1981). "It was fun meeting Mayme Campbell and making the rug. I had a difficult time writing the complicated instructions, but I'm proud of the finished story and the close-up photographs I took." In this issue she edited the personality feature on Jim Chastain. She is currently writing a short feature on a taffy pulling party. This September she married John Sommer. She'd like to go to beauty college.

Carl enjoys all aspects of Bittersweet and has experienced everything he can. He has worked in publicity and art as well as circulation and photography. When we need volunteers to help on stories, go to talks or even carry loads to the car, he is always eager. He enjoys going to talks and booths where he meets the public. "I love to give talks on Bittersweet, for everyone is so interested in what we're doing," he said. His first story was on Alma and Archie Locke (Fall 1980). The feature in this issue "Winter Fun," was one he finished last spring, but we held it over until winter to be topical. He is presently researching for a feature on the pranks boys used to do. He has been visiting with several older men who have shared some of their youthful escapades with him. Carl plans to attend college, perhaps at the University of Missouri at Rolla or Columbia. He is undecided on a field, but is leaning toward electrical engineering, computer science or journalism.

In the corner of room 6 is the circulation desk where the members of the circulation committee do their work. Gina Jennings, circulation editor, confers with Carl Davis who will become editor next semester when Gina leaves. Photo by Lisa Mestan.


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