Volume X, No. 2, Winter 1982


I wish to commend the students who organize the magazine Bittersweet. Not only are you gaining valuable learning and business experience, you are giving your readers what they want. The younger readers, such as I, enjoy learning of their heritage while the older persons delight in reliving their past. Both generations gain insight to the Ozarks surroundings.
I have been throughly impressed by the works which I have read. Your organization is of professional caliber. The articles are well written and contain a pleasing variety while the artworks provide the finishing touches.
Again, to the students, I congratulate you on your devotion and hard work. There are many readers unknown to you that enjoy each issue and await the next. You are a very lucky group to be able to take part in such a worthwhile project.

Cinda Hooper Strafford,
Missouri, High School

I just finished reading your fall issue and feel inspired to step out immediately, find out where the nearest cave is, and go dig up some clay out of the back of it, go home, fire up the stove, and mix up a molasses and sugar taffy batch, and, perhaps most realistically, find a button and some string and make a sawmill. I feel like a kid again!
Thank you for a very enjoyable hour of reading.

Suzann Duquette
Boulder, Colorado

I hope my renewal and gift subscription as well as the small donation will help you keep this project going. It is surely most worthwhile! Just wish there'd been something similar when I went to high school in Rolla in the late '30s!! Cut the size or maybe the quality but don't give up!

Ed Waltenspiel
Moraga, California

I feel as though I know you all for all the time I've spent reading Bittersweet. I have been going through the back issues at the library while I wait for the chance to check out the next issue of your marvellous magazine.
Enclosed is my check for a year's worth of delightful reading.
Thank you all for putting out such a professional magazine that devotes itself to this fascinating culture in Missouri.

Carol Berkland
Warrensburg, Missouri

Mrs. Black passed away last summer. She got your birthday gift card just before leaving us and was delighted. I want to let you know how much she enjoyed Bittersweet. Thank you for bringing this extra sunshine into her sunset years.

Dorothy Black
Centralia, Washington

The past few editions of Bittersweet have been good. I especially liked the cover of the fall edition. It was different, colors were great and was appealing to me.
I'm continally amazed that you keep finding interesting topics to research and write up.
Keep up the good works.

Cleo Long,
Lebanon, Missouri


Copyright © 1981 BITTERSWEET, INC.

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