Volume 9, Number 5 - Fall 1986

by Charlotte Dugan Reference Librarian, The School of the Ozarks

The following is a list of resources on the Bald Knobbers. The items listed may be bound in Lyons Memorial Library, The School of the Ozarks. For those who would like to see these materials, call numbers have been given for items listed. Much of the material is located in the library’s Ozarkiana Room. Materials in the Ozarkiana Room and Periodical Stack material may only be used in the library and may not be checked out.


Ozarkiana 977.879 - C55c"Bald Knobbers." In Christian County (Mo.) Centennial: Christian County, Its Ffrst 100 Years. n.d., p184-189.

Ozarkiana - 977.89 - B175b- Bald Knobbers or Citizen’s Committee of Taney and Christian Counties, Missouri. Forsyth, Mo.: Groom and McConkey, 1887.

301.633 B879s - Brown, Richard Maxwell. Strain of Violence: Historical Studies of American Violence and Vigilantism. New York: Oxford University Press, 1975.

973 - B972v - Burrows, William E. Vigilante! New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1976.

Ozarkiana 977.89 - C348b Castleman, Harvey N. The Bald Knobbers; the Story of the Lawless Night-Riders who Ruled Southern Missouri in the ‘80’s. Girard, Kansas : Haldeman-Julius, 1944. Note: This book was very likely written by Vance Randolph using Harvey N. Castleman as a pseudonym.

978 G217f Gard, Wayne. Frontier Justice. Norman, Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma Press, 1949.

Ozarkiana 917.78 - M215h Mahnlcey, Douglas. Hill and Holier Stories. Point Lookout, Mo.: School of the Ozarks Press, 1975.

Ozarkiana 977.89- U7lb Upton, Lucile Morris. Bald Knobbers. Caldwell, Idaho: Caxton Printers, Ltd., 1939.


Ozarkiana OZ 855 Cusick, Steve. "Peaceful Graves Cover Violent Past: Bald Knobbers Are Gone but Tales of Deeds Good and Bad Linger in Ozarks Hills." Springfield News-Leader, May 20, 1964.

Periodical Stacks Darnell, G. "Bald Knobbers: the Ozark Vigilantes; Turmoil and Unrest in the Missouri Hills." Bittersweet 6 (Summer 1979): 20-30.
Periodical Stacks McNeil, W.K. "Song Decries Baldknobbers." Ozarks Mountaineer 26 (February 1978): 8.

Periodical Stacks Mahukey, Douglas. "A Bald Knobber Badge." Ozarks Mountaineer 32 (April 1984): 54.

Periodical Stacks Mahukey, Douglas. "Captain Kinney and the Baldknobbers." Ozarks Mountaineer 26 (August 1978): 16-17.

Periodical Stacks Mahnkey, Douglas. "Who Killed Wash Middleton." Ozarks Mountaineer 21 (May 1973): 22-24.

Ozarkiana OZ 246 Townsend, Will. Copy of typed manuscript by Helen & Townsend Godsey about Herbert Rogers (Nov. 10, 1975) which appeared in Springfield News & Leader, Nov. 23, 1975. Includes photograph of Mr. Rogers.
Ozarkiana N-69 Townsend, Will. "The Day that Three Bald Knobbers Were Hanged." Springfield News & Leader, November 23, 1975.


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