The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

Among the awful accounts of our blood drenched country during the 60’s is one every now and then mixed with fun and merriment.

One night in the 3rd year of the war the writer’s father and my brother J. N. (Newt) Turnbo and R. M. (Rufe) Jones met in the Big Beach Hollow in what is now Crocket township in Marion County, Ark., to camp during the night in order to avoid meeting an enemy. The night was partly cloudy and dark but the temperature was pleasant. They brought their horses and corn to feed them and provision for themselves. Soon after night while Jones was feeding his horse on a big flat rock that lay in the bed of a small drain he heard footsteps of animals nearby. Thinking they were coons he sprang at them to give them a scare and hear them run. But Mr. Jones was astonished to find that he had struck the wrong game for when he jumped forward he found they were wolves instead of coons which growled fiercely and snapped several times at his legs before he could get out of their way. The man was terrified and jumped around pretty lively to avoid their teeth. While Jones was exerting his strength to keep out of the way of the impudent animals he yelled as loud as his vocal organ would admit which brought two dogs to his relief that they had brought with them and they chased the wolves away a short distance and they came running back to Jones with the wolves in pursuit. Getting close up to Jones the wolves turned back and went off for good.

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