The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

One half a mile below the mouth of Barren Fork of Little North Fork is a hollow once known as the Pete Jones Hollow. The next hollow below this is the Wilkerson Hollow. The former was named for Dr. Peter Jones, the latter for George Wilkerson. Mr. Fie Snow, who is dead now, said that during the early days of Ozark County, Mo., he and Bob Forest, son of Jimmie Forest, were hunting together early one morning in the first named hollow. There were three dogs with us, one of which was a cur. Another one was a greyhound and the other was a bench legged fice. At the forks of the hollow where it was mostly prairie and the grass tall the dogs attacked a big gray wolf which they discovered concealed in the grass. Soon after the fight commenced the other two dogs left the cur to fight it out for they beat a hasty retreat. We were in 30 paces of where the dogs struck the wolf and seeing that the other two dogs had displayed the white feather we ran up to assist the cur, but just before we had reached the scene of the encounter another wolf which we had not seen and lay hid in the grass leaped up and lit on the cur dog to help his brother wolf out in the fight. At this the first wolf tore loose from the cur dog and started off on a run. As he did so the our dog released himself from the second wolf and pursued wolf number one and wolf number two pursued the cur. It was now that the greyhound took courage and fell in behind wolf number two and followed him on a run. The wolves and dogs strung out close together in single file and it made me laugh to see dogs and wolves run in this way. I and Bob called it a mixed race and they all went out of our view in this manner. We did not follow them but went back home. We saw nothing of the two dogs until near night when they both returned back home. Neither of them were hurt. This is only one of the interesting scenes of the then wilds of Ozark County, Mo., that we experienced with the wild beasts in those early times," said Mr. Snow when he had ended his account.

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