The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

One of the brief panther stories as told by Allin Trimble is the following.

"Black Oak Ridge lies between Trimbles Creek and White River in Marion County, Ark. I live in one mile and a half of the nearest part of this ridge. This ridge and the adjoining hills and hollows was once my favorite hunting grounds. One day while I was riding an unruly horse I called Tony, I met a panther on this ridge which was in 20 feet of me before I observed it. The beast, uttered a piercing cry and leaped up 15 feet and caught on the trunk of a tree, but immediately sprang down again and ran toward the river. I undertook to pursue the beast in order to get a shot at it, but my horse grew frantic with fear and dashed between two trees that stood near together and broke my gun stock off at the trigger which rendered the gun useless and the chase was ended, said the old pioneer settler. The writer will add that this little incident of hunting occurred near where the Oak Grove Schoolhouse now is. Allin Trimble’s sons, Bill, Joe and Melt used to joke their father about getting his gun broke while following the panther. They would laugh and tell him that he broke the gun on purpose to keep from pursuing the animal for he was afraid it might leap on him. Of course the boys meant this for fun for they were far from believing that their father broke the gun to get rid of pursuing the panther.

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