The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

The dangers and risks hunters have passed through in search of game is something strange and serious to reflect upon. It is a wonder that more hunters have not been killed or crippled than has been in their anxiety in hunting after game in the roughs along White River and its tributary streams. John Bias, son of Hiram Bias, said that one night while he was out coon hunting on Big Creek in what is not Cedar Creek township, Marion County, Ark., he came near stepping off of a precipice over 15 feet high. The night was intensely dark and while feeling and pulling himself through a growth of vines and weeds in the face of the creek bluff he noticed the forms of the tops of small trees looming up just below him. "From this I knew I was near the edge of a precipice. I stopped and felt for the cliff with my axe handle and found that I was standing on the brink of it. Another step further and I would have gone over. A cold shudder passed over me and I backed off from my dangerous position as quick as possible. Hunting for coons had no more enticement for me that night and I went back home. On the following day I went back to see if I was mistaken and found that it was true and lacked only one step more to fall over the cliff."

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