The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

Sometimes a man will stir around more lively from the effects of a fright from a small animal then he will at the sight of a large one, and it usually turns out very funny. Mr. William Riddle who lives on Long Creek in Carroll County, Ark., said that many years ago a man of the name of John Brummer lived in 2 ½ miles of Denver in Boone County, Ark., who went crazy and shot himself dead in his own bed with a holster pistol. His body received burial on his own land and the pistol was put in the coffin and buried with him. One night long before his death he heard a disturbance among his chickens which were roosting in the hen house and rising up out of bed he took a light and went to see what was bothering them. On reaching the door of the chicken house he held the light on the inside of the building and saw a mink squatted down on the floor just on the inside of the entrance. Picking up a board he intended to poke the little animal hard enough with it to cripple it, but the mink was too quick for him for the moment that Brummer touched it with the end of the board it "scooted’ out and ran up the board to his hand and on up his arm. The man’s shirt collar was wide open and the cunning little creature seeing a place of refuge darted into the man’s bosom. As it did so the board and the light both dropped out of his hands and the scared man cut all kinds of didoes by dancing, running, jumping and screaming. This frightened the mink and it ran around on his back sides and bosom in trying to find a getting out place and Brummer grabbed and clawed manfully until he tore off his shirt before he got rid of the mink. The lively little animal bit and scratched the man at a lively rate before they became separated. Each one was glad to get rid of the other."

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