The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

An amusing little hunting story is given by Jerry Jenkins who was born and principally raised on Little Beaver Creek in Douglas County, Mo.

"One night," said he, "when wild turkeys were plentiful my father, Joseph Jenkins, in company with Jake Casebolt, went into the Hewed Log Hollow to kill turkeys. This hollow took its name from Bill Martin who cut a set of house logs in the hollow and hewed and then let them all lay there and rot and the citizens give it this name. It runs into the Martin hollow, the last named of which flows Into Beaver Creek on the east side opposite the Bill Martin land. The moon was giving a partial light and as the two men were passing up the hollow they decided to separate and Casebolt went up on one side of the hollow and my father on the other side. They had not been apart very long before my father saw an object in a tree by the dim light of the moon which he supposed was only one turkey and shot at It and at the report of the gun two turkeys fell instead of only one. Picking them up he went on and met Mr. Casebolt who had seen nothing to shoot at yet, and dropped the big fat turkey down at his companion’s feet. At this Casebolt says, "Hello, Jenkins, how come you with two turkeys I never heard you shoot but once," and my father replied, "Well, my old friend, I am short of ammunition and I took a notion to kill two birds at one shot. This saves a waste of powder and lead."

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