The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

Little Beaver Creek, a tributary of Big Beaver, empties into the last named water course a short distance above Bradleyville. Little Beaver drains a part of Douglas County, Mo., and is a beautiful stream of water. I have known Big Beaver Creek below Bradleyville all my life, but I never saw Little Beaver until the 31st of August, 1906, and I thought it was as beautiful a stream as I ever had seen In southwest Missouri. The pioneer settlers along this watercourse and that of Big Beaver caught hundreds of wild turkeys in pen traps. Jesse Rhodes, who come to Douglas County in 1860 and settled near where Roy is now, enjoyed the sport of catching turkeys in pen traps. He said that soon after he went to Douglas County, he built a turkey pen and in a few days he caught seven in it at one time and in killing them and taking them out of the pen they nearly beat him senseless with their wings. "I was very glad of this catch and as soon as I revived from the beating they give me and the turkeys were all dead I picked them up and carried the entire seven to Daniel Rattledige’s who lived one mile from the pen and gave him two of them and carried the other five to Jimmie Jesse’s one-half a mile further and give them to him," said Mr. Rhodes.

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