The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

In the year 1867 while Mr. Abe Cole lived on the old Cain Smiley place on Big Buck Creek in Taney County, Mo., he knew of two bee courses that he was anxious to find the home of the bees. He hunted in vain for them day after day but failed to locate them. Finally he come to the conclusion that he was not a bee hunter and sent for Bill Clark, the famed bee hunter and deer killer, to come and hunt bee trees for him. In a few days the hunter made his appearance and he lost no time in getting to work to locate the hives. Mr. Cole knew that Clark could find the trees in a few hours and wanted to go with him, but the hunter said he could find the bees with the least trouble by being alone and Cole stayed at home and let the hunter have his way. In a day or two the hunter went to Mr. Goleta and told him he could not find the trees. Mr. Cole thought strange at this but still did not suspect anything wrong, thinking he had told the truth about it. He went on about his business until a week afterward when he found where two bee trees had been felled and all the honey taken out. He suspicioned Clark at once and it turned out that he had found the two trees and robbed them without letting Cole know anything about it.

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