The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By. S. C. Turnbo

The following account was furnished me by J. M. (Jim) Yocum. My mother Mrs. Emiline Yocum was a daughter of Lewis C. Denison who formerly lived on the south side of White River near the mouth of Beaver Creek in Taney County, Mo. Mr. Denison had two sons Henry and George. The first named was a Methodist Preacher. My father Jake Yocum and his brother Bill Yocum were twins. My mother and her brother George Denison were also twins. My Aunt Eliza, wife of my uncle As& Yocum was a sister of my mother. You want to know where Buck Jones was killed during the war. He was shot on the north side of the river on what is now the Jim Shuer (Shewer) farm just above the mouth of Little North and near one half a mile from my fathers old farm on the opposite side of White River from the mouth of North Fork. My mother and Aunt Becca Yocum wife of Uncle Harve Yocum were among the women who buried him. They placed the body on a bed sheet and 4 of the women held a corner of the sheet each and one at each side and ends or 8 women in all and they carried it to the river and placed the remains in a canoe and took them to the south side and lifting the body out of the canoe and carried it in this way to the grave yard on my fathers farm where they dug a grave as best they could and wrapped the dead body in the same sheet they carried it on and lowered it into the grave to await the coming of the great clay of the resurection and in the meantime to rest from the awful bloody conflict that was raging so fiercely between the American people. It is sad to pen down the incidents of such horrors yet it is proper to prepare a history or record of those bloody deeds and the good conduct of the brave hearted women.

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