The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

In the cemetery at Protem, Mo. the mortal remains of Jak Nave lies buried. His grave is marked with a marble monument with the following inscription on it. "Jacob Nave born June 19, 1814 died March 29, 1890." Mr. Nave come to White River in Taney County, Mo. when he was 18 years old. His father died when he was quite small and his mother married a man of the name of Denison and they settled on the south side of the river near the mouth of Beaver Creek. There were 8 of the Nave children, 5 boys and 3 girls. The names of the sons were Jacob the subject of our sketch, William, John, Abe and Isaac. The girls were Katie, Dicy and Elizabeth. If I mistake not William and Isaac married two sisters - daughters of Billy Laughlin and sisters of Mat Laughlin who lived on Beaver Creek below Forsythe. I think one of their wives was named Ellen. Abe married Mary Jane Trimble sister to Allin Trimble and John Nave married a sister of Allin Trimble also, but she was a widow lady when he married her. Her name was Dicy. As we have already stated in another sketch John was killed during the war. Abe Nave died in Douglas County Mo. In war times and is buried in a grave yard on Cow Skin Creek. Dicy, wife of John Nave died in 1861 and lies buried in the grave yard at the mouth of Spring Creek on Little North Fork. I cannot call to mind who Dicy Nave married, but Katie married Jim Simmons and he died at Lead Hill Ark. and she married a man of the name of Stroud and lived on the old Albin Lucas Place on White River in 1860. This is just below the Buck Shoals Ford in Marion County, Ark. Katie died in Texas in 1889. Elizabeth married Allin Trimble and she died in the month of August 1857. Jane, Abe Naves wife is also dead and lies buried in the same grave yard where John Naves wife Is buried. As we have said before, Jake Nave married Miss Sallie Coker daughter of Ned Coker. Mr. Coker opposed the marriage and the young couple not to be out done eloped together one bitter cold night and rode all the way to the mouth of Little North Fork where they were married. Mr. Coker was a sensible man and forgave his daughter and son in law and Mr. Nave made his home in the Jake Nave Bend of White River in Boone County, Ark. Here he followed farming and blacksmithing as an occupation. Mrs. Nave was a kind hearted and industrious woman and made a great deal of home made cloth on the spinning wheel and hand loom. I well remember their oldest children Mary and Ned. Mary married Bill Sheleton and she died. Ned also died. Mrs. Nave died in 1852 and lies buried in the Buck Coker grave yard at the lower end of the Jake Nave Bend where her two children Mary and Ned lies. Mr Nave had the grave of his wife enclosed in box form with large slabs of native stones. By her side lies the remains of Mrs. Winnie Coker wife of Ned Coker and mother of Mrs. Nave. Her resting place is also enclosed similar to that of Mrs. Naves. Several years after the death of his wife Mr. Nave married Miss Tabitha Haworth daughter of McCajor Haworth who lived on the hill on the opposite side of the river from Forsythe.

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