The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

Many years ago an old log cabin stood on the right bank of White River opposite the Panther Bottom and a short distance below where the grave yard is in the south west corner of Ozark County, Mo. I recollect that Elias Anderson lived a few years in this cabin and I well remember that during the month of March 1856 five head of his cows become so weak for the want of feed that when they lay down they were not able to get on their feet again without help and Anderson and his wife and their son Alex and their daughter Martha had to help the cattle up every morning for three weeks before they were stout enough to get up without assistance. Soon after the Civil War Harve Anderson who was a young man and who was a son of Azek Anderson stayed in this cabin alone for several months while he was at work. The young man was paying his respects to Miss Lucinda Trimble daughter of Allin Trimble. Lucinda was a nice industrious young lady and her and young Anderson were engaged to be married and he had bought an outfit of new clothes to wear on his wedding day but one night while he was absent a thief broke into the cabin and stole the suit of clothes and he had to buy another supply, but a few days before the wedding was to come off he went to see his affiance at her fathers house and while there fell violently ill with Pleura Pneumonia and died in a few days. The poor girl done all in her power in waiting on him while he lay on his death bed and broke down in sorrow and grief after he passed away. He was buried in the Trimble Graveyard near the mouth of Trimble Creek. Some years after this Lucinda married John Walker and several offsprings were the fruit of the marriage. Since the death of her husband she remained a widow the rest of her life and was greatly respected by all those who knew her.

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