The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

Among the older farms in Ozark County, Mo. is the Sisney Place on Goubeys Spring Creek. I am told that John Sisney was the first man that did any work here to amount to anything. Away back in the fifties Tommy Norris and Mory Miller held revival meetings here for several years and a free will Baptist Church was organized here called the White River Church. The converts were Baptized in the creek near where the services were held. Situated on this farm is an old time grave yard where a number of old time people are at rest. The cemetery is on the slope of a hill where it is nearly clear of rock with a few pretty cedars standing scattered over the ground. On the 19 of February 1906 the writer in company with George Mahan visited this grave yard to note down some of the names of the older people whose dust is moldering here. I am told that Lucinda Hall daughter of Joe Hall who was accidently shot and killed by her Brother Bill (Bully) Hall was the first interment here. I am told that Mr. Joe Hall was living on this land when the unfortunate accident occurred. The following are the names of a few of the oldest people who are buried here. John Sisneys who died September 4, 1880 was born in 1784. Mrs. Matilda Sisney his wife a very old lady is also buried here. W. J. (Bill) Sisney born January 18, 1834 died May 8, 1903. This last named was a son of John Sisney. Charles S. Gooly (Gooldy) died December 15, 1874 was born in 1803. Mrs. Hannah Gooley his was born in 1815 and died in the month of July 1878.

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