The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

On the 5th of August 1907 I met Henderson Fee in Yellville Ark. and had a pleasant interview with him in regard to the early pioneer who lived in Yellville in the early fifties. Mr. Fee is a son of David and Lucy (noe) Fee and was born in Harlem County Kentucky March 27, 1820. Mr. Fee said that he came to Yellville Ark. March the 15 1851. He said that on his arrival there Mrs. Nancy Tutt widow of Hansford Tutt lived at the Big Spring at the lower end of town. This fine living water took its name from the Tutt family. John W. Martin had a small stock of goods in Yellville when I came here. John Wickersham had a small stock of groceries. Jess Wickersham and Elizabeth Wickersham his wife lived in Yellville Jess followed the carpenter trade. His wife was a sister of Ice Stimnetter. John Estes was also running a small grocery store. Gideon Thompson worked in a blacksmith shop. Daniel Wickersham owned a small mill on Mill Creek south of town he also run a blacksmith shop. Mike Mathis lived on crooked creek one half a mile below town. James Wickersham lived on the opposite side of the creek from town. David K. Tutt was a resident of Yellville. His wife, Mrs. Leathy Tutt was a sister of Jess Wichershams wife. Isaac Wilson arrived here the same fall (1651) we did and put up a hotel out of cedar. This was the first hotel built in Yellville. Billy Wood or "dancin Bill" as he was called lived here and served one term as county judge of Marion County. Mr. Wood married Miss Hannah Austin. Dr. James B. Carligle was living here and Dr. James M. Cowchy was living on a farm on Crooked Creek one mile below town. Dr. A. L. Lockhart and Dr. Hornsford come here after we did. Jess Young lived on Crooked Creek 2 ½ miles below town. In 1855 Daniel White a wagon maker moved to Yellville and I remember that In 1856 that Dick (D. C.) Williams a lawyer died in Yellville of consumption. James H. Berry come here from Forsyth Mo. in 1851 and began selling goods in Yellville a few years afterward. I in Harlin County Kentucky when so many falling stars were seen. I was asleep at my Uncle Randolph Noes and Aunt Lucy Noes 4 miles from Mount Pleasant. I did not see the display. The scare among the people lasted several weeks afterward. Prayer meetings were common until the fright among the people died away. Mr. Feels parents lies buried in the old family graveyard in Harlin County, Kentucky.

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