The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

On the 6th of August 1907 1 had the pleasure of an Interview with Foster Hand, father of the present editor J. H. Hand of the Mountain Echo published at Yellville Ark. Mr. Hand is a son of Hugh B. Hand and was born in Perry County Tennessee December 23, 1844. Mr. Hand’s mother’s maiden name was Annie Shoat. Her and his father were married in Tenn. and they came from there to Marion County Ark. and located in the town of Yellville in 1852 when Foster Hand was less than 8 years old. Mr. Hand said that his father made a crop on the Mike Mathis land on Crooked Creek just below Yellville in 1853. During the summer of the same year we made a crop on the Mathis farm my father bought an improvement on vacant land 13 miles east of Yellville and 5 miles west of Buffalo City. He purchased this claim from Mat Goodall. My grandfather Darious Shoat came with us from Tennessee and bought a claim adjoining ours from Jack Moreland. Moreland’s wife was named Elizabeth. When we moved on to our claim in the fall of 1853," said Mr. Hand, William Hogan and J. M. Laffoon were selling goods at Buffalo City and they also had charge of the warehouse there. Jack Moreland after he sold out to my grandfather Shoat, moved to the east side of White River. Tom Cox and Annie Cox his wife settled between where we lived and Buffalo City in 1850. Cox was from McNary County Tennessee. Matthew Anderson was peddler and sold sleys to the women who wove cloth on hand looms. Felix Stagge lived on Warners Creek a small mountain stream that empties into the river just above Buffalo City. When Mr. Staggs left his place on the stream mentioned Joe Allin lived on this same land. Allin Newton and Elizabeth Newton his wife lived two miles west of us and 11 miles east of Yellville. But George Taylor lived on Newton’s land before he did. Newton was succeeded by John Warner a hard shell Baptist preacher and this creek took its name from him. George Wilds moved into our settlement a few years before the war began. John Warner preached for us at a small log building one mile west of us that was called the Elbow School house. A Presbyterian of the name of Barrette preached at Yellville on several occasions. The first school I ever attended in Marion County was taught at Yellville by Maj Tate in the summer of 1853. It was a subscription school and lasted 3 months. I recollect that some of my school mates who attended this school were my brother "Tip" (William H) Hand and my sister Rebecca Hand, William Stafford, and the three Woods brothers, Dick, Frank and Mort. These were sons of William (Squirrel Bill) Wood and the three Hurst Brothers "Cam" Robert and Alaxander sons of Jacky Hurst and the Cowdrey children William, Henry, John, Lizzie and Mary sons and daughters of Dr. Cowdrey and Larkin Austin, W. A. (West) Austin and Susan Austin. Moody Brown, George Jefferson and Sally Jefferson. Mr. Hands father was born in 1808 and died in 1865 and lies buried in the Shiloh Church house graveyard in Jackson County, Ark. His mother died in Lime Stone County, Texas and is buried in the Mount Calm Cemetery there.

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