The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

The Tabur family were early settlers on Big Creek in Taney County Mo. The writer has made mention of these people numbers of times in these sketches. Arch Tabur married Betsey Morris sister of John Morris. The names of their off springs were Hartwell who married a daughter of Charley Smiths then there were Isaac, Carroll, Jerry, John, Celia, Malinda, Polly, Betsey and Matilda. Celia married the famed hunter Bill Clark.

Esquire Tom Tabers children were Jim, Elias, Pleas., and Lizzie. Elias was a preacher who claimed to be a Universaliest, and John Tabur married Susan Youngblood. The following are the names of their children. Tom, Patience., Polly, Celia, Martha, and Lucinda. Patience married Green Hampton, Celia married a man of the name of Rogers who went crazy.

Isaac Tabur married Matilda Morris a sister of Arch Tabur’s wife. Their children were Bob the preacher, and John who died in Texas, and Dollie who married Tom Wells and Bethy or Betsey who married Tilman Ledbetter. He died and she married John Friend. Artemissa married Isaac Herrean.

Jim Tabur married Betsey Friend daughter of Jimmie Friend. Their sons were John, Dillwood, Russell and Jim. Their daughters were Becca, Jemima and Celia the last of which married Mich Risley. Henry Tabur married Ruthy Pershears. Their children were John the preacher who died several years ago, Henry who was killed on Pond Fork in war times and Bob and Jim. The names of their daughters were Nancy who married Hiram Bias, Susan who married Simon Herrean. Phoebe who married Paton Keesee son of the old time settler Paton Keesee, Ede who married Mort Herrean, Manerva who married Cage Duggins and Eliza who married Pinkney Herrean. These early pioneers are all dead and the most of their children that we mention are passed over the great beyond too. Those of them who are living are growing very old and stand on the brink of the grave.

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