The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

In refering to the names of early residents on the left hand prong of Crooked Creek in Boone County Arkansas., Mr. William A. Eoff gives the following. The names are those who lived on the creek and vicinity from the earliest period of the settlement of that locality up to the beginning of the war. Among them were Henry Woody and Katie his wife, Ben Gipson and Elizabeth his wife, Duke Spain and Betsy his wife., Bill Potts and Louisa his wife, Jimmie Willis and Lucy his wife, Jake Clipper and his wife Harriet, Bill Braden and his wife Mahala, Ben McMahan and Betsey his wife., Davy Nichols and Hezzikieh his wife, Bob Capps and his wife Elvira, Jimmie Jones and Polly his wife, Billy Singer and Martha his wife. There were also Judge Ewing and Billy Ewing, Jake Turner and Clamp Turner who were brothers, and John Woody who was a chair maker. This man had a son named John whose wife was named Katie. Davy Nichols the one mentioned above was a hard shell Baptist preacher. Mr. Eoff married Miss Elvira Pennywell on the let of December 1853 and they lived many years on the left hand prong of the creek 4 miles from Bellfonte and 4 miles from Vally Springs and one half a mile from Pilot Knob. In speaking of his early school days, Mr. Eoff said "went to school at Peter Bellers where there was a small house used for school purposes. The teacher wife was name Evaline. Some of my school mates who attended this school were Caroline Nichols, Francis Beller and Virginia Beller, Bob Capps, John Eoff and Charley Mitchell son of Col. Bill Mitchell. Some time after the school was out Charley Mitchell married Sarah Baker daughter of Jack Baker. Mr. Baker and Mitchell and his wife were killed in the Mountain Meadow Massacre in Utah in September 1857. Billy Beller was the man that kept the Beller stand at the Big Spring 2 miles above Harrison."

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