The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

The following letter was received by the writer at Pontiac, Mo. in the month of May 1905.

Isabella, Mo.
May 22, 1905

Mr. Turnbo if you can get this letter together you can put it in your book.

"I was born where the village of Oakland now is in Marion County Ark. December the 3rd 1846. My father Joe Hogan died February 23, 1863 and left my mother and we children to battle our way through the world. In the early spring of 1865 we found that it was a matter of hardships and sore trials to live at home and my dear old mother says children let us go north where starvation and misfortunes will not stare us in the face so hard and we loaded our wagon and started. On arriving at the old Jimmie Forest farm on Little North Fork we stopped there and stayed one month when by the aid of Levi Barnette and Levi Donathan we loaded our wagon again and pulled further north and on arriving at Marshfield in Webster County, Mo. we stopped again and remained there two weeks, then went east to the Osage Fork of the Gaskonade River where we rented land and made a crop and in the spring of 1866 we moved back to the old Homestead near Oakland, Ark., where we remained until the following fall when we left home and moved to the Jonah P. Lantz Place on the Goober Ridge near where Isabella is now in Ozark County, Mo. We stayed here until the spring of 1867 when we moved back to the Osage Fork in Webster County and made another crop and during the same year my mother bought a small farm where we remained until the fall of 1870 when we sold out and went back to our old home place on Hogans Flat near Oakland and in the Spring of 1876 we sold the old farm in Arkansas and returned to Goober Ridge in Ozark County once more where I have remained until the present date and more than likely I will stay here until the great God of Heaven calls me to my long home where I will have to quit voting the Republican ticket.

James H. Hogan, Post Master
Isabella, Mo.

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