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by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

One of the early residents of Southern Missouri is Tom McCollough who lives near Isabella. In an interview with him one day at his home he said that he came to Missouri with his parents in the latter days of 1844 and settled on Little North Fork. "I remember that trip well." said he. "We were moving from Tennessee to Ozark County Missouri and traveled part of the way through Northern Arkansas. I was only a boy but I well recollect that James K. Polk was a candidate for President and George M. Dallas was running for Vice President. There was a fine crowd of us 9 of which were men and they were all for Polk and Dallas. We were passing Richwood Arkansas on election day and we learned that an election precinct had been established on the flat and my father was told that travelers were allowed to vote at any precinct in the United States. The information was received with joy for all the men wanted to vote and they sent word to the election judges to hold the polls open until they arrived for they all desired to cast their votes for Polk and his running mate. It was getting deep dusk when the wagons reached the voting place. There were only a few settlers in that part of Arkansas at that early date and those that had come to vote during the day had cast their votes and returned to their respective homes but the judges and clerk was still there waiting for the Tennessee crowd to get there and cast their ballots for their man. It was nearly dark when the 9 men in our crowd finished voting and every one of them hurrahed for Polk and Dallas until they were nearly hoarse. After the men had voted and quit yelling in approval of their candidates we drove the wagon a half a mile further and stopped and camped for the night where there was plenty of good water. Among the 9 men who claimed the privilege of voting and were allowed to was my father Pleasant McCollough, Josiah Herrod, John Herrod, Gruff Herrod, and Herrod Holt."

Since writing the foregoing Tom McCollough has died. His death occurred about the lst of July 1907. His remains received interment in the cemetery at Isabella, Mo. Mr. McCollough was a respected citizen and had lived in Ozark County Mo. 63 years and was a veteran of the Civil War on the Union side.

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