The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

In relating accounts of the first schools taught on White River in Marion County Ark. Mr. Mike Yocum son of Asa Yocum tells of 3 schools taught on his fathers old farm on White River in Franklin Township. "In the latter fifties said Mr. Yocum,"My father and my uncle Bill Yocum Peter Friend and others built a small log house between our residence and the foot of the hill for school and church purposes and after the house was completed they employed doctor Every Milton to teach a three months subscription school in it and after the school was out Tom Carroll taught a school in this same house and the next year after this Mr. Carroll taught a school in the Tom Boatright house which stood in our field above where my father and the neighbors built the school house. Among some of the children who was sent to the three schools named were myself, brother John and my sister Sally Yocum and Jake and Minnie Yocum who were children of my uncle Bill and Aunt Nancy Yocum who lived at the mouth of Long Bottom Creek and 7 of Peter Friend’s children whose names were Jimmie, Elisha, Jake, Alex, Molinda, Mary and Eda, and three of Wagoner Bill Coker’s children the names of which were Lucinda, Winnie and Reggie."

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