The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

Howard County, Mo. borders the Missouri River on the north side if we were to write it down according to the bend of the river we would say part of it was on the east side. Fayette is the county seat and Glassgow on the river near the corner of Chariton County near the mouth of Chariton River is an old town and a historic one of civil war times. One of the early residents of Howard County was Mr. James Hudson and Martha (Gibson) Hudson his wife. One of their sons William Alexander Hudson was born 5 miles east of Glassgow December 17, l85l. James Hudson died in 1878 his wife died in 1867. Both of their mortal remains lies buried in a grave yard near where they lived. William A. Hudson tells of the first school he attended which was in Howard County. "The school was taught by Ben White in a small log house with puncheon floor and seats made of benches. The cabin had a wide fire place and a long window which was made by taking part of a log out of one side of the house. This house stood on a ridge called White Oak or nick named Tick Hill yet there were but few ticks there. Mr. Hudson mentions the following names of children who went to the same school he did. William and Joe Arden, Mary and Nancy Jane Anders, Luther and Ben Pullum, Charley and Lucy Hackley and Lucy and Sally White. Mrs. Nancy Andrews one of my fathers sisters lived to be 90 years old. She was born in Tenn. and died in Howard County, Mo. Her husband died several years before she died. Her remains received interment in the Bohanan Grave yard on Tick Ridge or White Oak."

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