The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

Mr. James H. Painter furnished the writer with the following account of the hardships passed through during the Civil War as told him by his mother. Said he, "My father and mother has long been residents of the Flippin Barrens in White River Township in Marion County, Ark. Their names are Thomas and Emma (Wilson) Painter. They have lived many years at the foot of Lee’s Mountain one mile and a quarter northwest of the new town of Flippin. I myself knew nothing of the war only what was told me for I was not born until two years after it closed. My dear old mother who passed through it and suffered all the hardships that women and children were forced to ensure informed me that during the latter part of those dark and horrible days they were so close run for provision that they were hardly able to keep enough on hand to keep soul and body together. She said her and my father had only two children then. Their names were Harrison and Adaline. My brother Harrison was 4 years old and my little sister was two years old. My mother said that on several occasions the children would become so hungry that they would cry for something to eat when there was none in the house. "But if I had anything at all they could eat I would give it to them and say "children eat it for it is all that I have got to give you". Then I would sit down and shed tears because it was so scanty and I had nothing more to give them."

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