The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

A pathetic account was furnished me by William Riddle who has lived on Long Creek in Carroll County, Ark. for many years.

Mr. Riddle said that John Paley and Hamp Youngblood who lived on Long Creek went out together one moonlit night to shoot turkeys and being successful each went to the same locality where they had went the night previous to kill more turkeys without letting each other know that he was going. Mr. Paley on arriving where they had killed some of the turkeys the night before which was a mile or two on the east side of Long Creek, stopped and concealed himself and began calling turkeys. Youngblood on arriving in hearing distance of the caller supposed that it was a real wild turkey began to creep along in the grass toward where Paley was hidden from view. Each man was ignorant of the others presence. Paley discovered him in the grass and thinking he was a turkey leveled his gun at him and fired and the supposed turkey sank down and Paley got up and forward to pick it up and found that he had shot his friend Youngblood who was dying but was yet able to articulate a few words and told Paley that he had shot him and that his time on earth was short. Mr. Paley was in great grief and distress and rushed off at once to notify the nearest neighbors and when they arrived there Youngblood had expired. This cast a gloom over the entire neighborhood.

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