The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

A number of years before Marks and Kelly built a little mill at the mouth of Little North Fork in Marion County, Ark., Jake Friend and Polly Friend, his wife, lived here. But I am reliably informed that Bill Howard was the first settler at this mill site. Howard came from Kentucky. Howard called his wife "Sis." She died many years before the breaking out of the Civil War and is buried in the Asa Yocum graveyard opposite the Bull Bottom. When Mr. Friend came to the mouth of Little North Fork he planted a quantity of peach and apple seeds that he had brought with him. When the young scions were old enough to transplant he put them out and the scions grew to be fine fruit trees and this orchard bore tine fruit and was noted one for many years. During Mr. Friend’s residence here a band of drunken Indians entered the cabin one day to massacres the family, but before the Indians were able to make a beginning of their bloody work they were foiled by one of the white men who was in the house who snatched up a billet of wood and knocked the leader of the Indians down and the other Indiana left the cabin in haste. The leader or subchief when he rose on his feet and seeing that all his friends had deserted him and that by this time the white people had armed themselves for defense sneaked out of the house and joined the band and they all went on their way without giving the family any more trouble.

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