The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

This account was given me by Capt. James H. Sallee and others and relates to the killing of a man in war times through a mistake.

"In the first place a certain man had went to where Capt. Ben Bray was camped with his company of southern men on Lick Creek below Gainsville, Mo. and reported to that officer. It is said that Bray informed him if the men would all join his company he would do all in his power to protect their property and he came back and told several parties what Capt. Bray had said. This seemed to anger some of the citizens against the man who had went to Bray and said that he only wanted to betray them, and two men thinking that this same man would pass along the road up Pond Fork concealed themselves in a paw paw thicket near the road side and only a few yards above the head of the pond that the creek took its name from and soon after the two had taken their position a man came along and thinking that he was the one they wanted shot him down but on going to the road where he lay quivering in death they were horrified to find that he was the wrong man and recognized him as Henry Tabor son of old Uncle Henry Tabor. Knowing that some person or persons would pass over the road before many hours elapsed and that the dead man would be identified and to prevent as far as possible the exposure of the crime, they picked up the bleeding corpse and carried it across the creek bottom and across the creek to the west side where they laid it down and covered it over with chunks of wood logs, stones and leaves in which condition it was found several weeks afterward."

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