The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

A noted freak spring of water is in Marion County, Ark. It is a natural curiosity and according to accounts is worthy of special notice. I never saw this water but my information relating to it is trustworthy. Among my informants are W. E. Angel son of John Angel an early settler of Marion County, and Floyed Magness son of Hughe Magness a prominent citizen and merchant who died near Powell on Crooked Greek a number of years ago. Floyed Magness has served 4 years as sheriff of Marion County and at the present writing he is serving his third term as sheriff. These men state that this wonderful spring is at the little town of Bruno, and that the water issues out from under a bluff 10 or 12 feet high. The flow of water is strong and is cold and refreshing. The head of the spring forms the source of the west prong of Hamptons Creek which flows into Crooked Creek from the south side. A curious feature about this strange spring of water is that it ceases flowing entirely at times and that all of a sudden, and the bed of the branch below the spring gets dry in a short time especially during the summer months. Once and a while the water will ceased to flow for only two or three hours before it starts again. At other times it will be a day or two before the water appears again. The bed of the channel below the spring averages 7 and 8 feet wide and is composed of sand and gravel. Often when it gushes out after it has quit running a while the water goes down the channel in a roll nearby knee-high. Some 30 yards south of the spring is a cave. The entrance of which is small but after descending 15 feet into the opening a large room is found where the water flows through and a goodly number of small fish is seen in the water in this cave. Visitors to northern Arkansas would do well to go see this spring.

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